UK Fairly Used Clothes, Shoes and Bags (Bale)


UK fairly used clothes, shoes, bags,and Hairs
( 09033695934 )
Bales of children clothed – N30,500 ,
Bale of Uk used ladies bra – N21,000
Bale Men shirt – N35,000
Bale ladies mixed tops – N35,000
Bale of original shorts – N35,000
Bale of light Sports wear – N40,000
Bale Mens polo/t shirt mix – N40,000
Bale of Ladies mix dresses – N40,000
Bale of Mens shoes – N95,000
Children shoes 85,000
bale of mixed underwear pants
Bale Mixed socks/stockings
bale of leggings
bale of singlets/camisoile are also available.
All items are Tokunbo A grade goods.
Prices reflected are fixed price.
Items not priced are subject to negotiation
There’s also a 10%discount for customers getting up to 3bales.

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