Arthritis Pain killer Patch


Are you having constant Body Pain, Back, Neck or Joint Pain.
Maybe yours is Rheumatism or Longtime Arthritis, Rigid joint,
Muscular Pain,Stiff Shoulders,Bone biting, Waist Fatigue, Rheumatoid arthritis, Shoulder bone hyperplasia, Slipped discs, Ischialgia, Acro-anesthesia, Sprain etc. Worry no more!

Just Buy Tibet pain killer Patch and relief yourself once

It relief you of all these and set your bone free. Without having any issues. It fire the aspirin into the affected area and free affected part.

How to use:


√ 1.Dry Clean affected part
√ 2. Open plastic bag from
top of the patch.
√ 3. Smooth that side over
the area where you want
pain relief.
√ 4. Peel of yellow upper film and paste plaster on affected part.
√5. Remove after 8hrs and
apply another.
√6. Remove after 8hrs, 5 times
in 1week, repeat again.


Do not use:
1.)on damaged skin or wound
2.)on aspirin salicylates allergies
3.)for pregnant and breast feeding mothers unless by doctor’s advice
If symptoms persists after 1week meet Doctor

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