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Super Gro is a multi purpose surfactant ( for crops, fishery, poultry and animal husbandry)

Super Gro is a 100% organic fertilizer agricultural surfacant, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it is 100% non-toxic, non- caustic and non flammable, safe to use on any vegetables and of course the rest of your garden.

Super Gro is a revolutionary organic surfactant made up of high concentration of NPK + TE combined with aminophenol, citric acid to allow fast absorption by plants and reduce wastage. It is a water-soluble and non-toxic surfacant that can be applied with insecticides and fungicides. Tests done on this product reflect the following composition of macro and micro elements;
• Nitrogen (N) 72g per litre (Macro)
• Phosphorus (P) 45g per litre (Macro)
• Potassium (K) 30g per litre (Macro)
• Sulphur (S) 15g per litre (Macro)
• Calcium (CA) 9g per litre (Macro)
• Magnesium (MG) 7g per litre (Macro)
• Iron (FE) 5mg per litre (Micro)
• Iodine (IoD) 3mg per litre (Micro)
• Marine Salt (MS) 1mg per litre (Micro)
• Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (Micro)

The ingredients found in Super Grow helps to break down the elements needed by the plant and provides for effective absorption. It enhances good water holding capacity, aid photosynthesis and strengthens & improves root development.

1.Makes Water Wetter

The best way to save water is to use less. But another important way is to make the most important of water you use. That’s what exactly what Super Gro does.
Super Gro is specially formulated to help gardeners and growers get the greatest value out of every drop of water used. It does this by

* Reducing the water’s surface tension i. e, it stops individual droplet from forming. Water doesn’t bead up on leaves or sit up on top of soil or get wastes because it runs off.

* Added to irrigation water, Super Gro increases water penetration and retention into the soil. In other words it makes water wetter. The extra wetness of water helps water reach deeper into the soil to deliver fertilizers and nutrients more effectively to roots where they are most needed and stays there longer. With Super Gro, there is reduced water logging and surface run-off.

2.Proven Performance Booster

* Super Gro acts as a powerful adjuvant for most crop treatments , such as fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides to do a better or more thorough job, causing them to penetrate deeper, stick better, stay longer, and work more effectively.

*Improves crop yield by as much as 167%.

3.Proven Test Result From The University Of Nairobi

* Early Blight of tomatoes was decreased by more than 40%, 53% better result than for the fungicide alone. This means a better protection from each application, which also means less frequent application and crop treatment savings.
* Whitefly and aphid infestation of tomatoes were reduced by 63% and 94% respectively when Super Gro was used with market leading pesticides.


1.Unlock the power of water and maximize profits.

The most important benefits is that Super Gro saves you money. Used on its own, it will increase the interval between watering and reduce the amount of water you use. You will save money on your water bills. Getting the most from water and plant treatment you use and maximize your yields all add up to more profit in your pocket!

2. Versatile

* Works with any crop treatment designed fro use with water
* Works as a wetting agent, to make water wetter.
*Works as a spreader-sticker to provide better treatment adhesion and retention on plant surfaces.
*Works as an adjuvant to maximize crop treatment performance.
*Works as an emulsifier for improved oil dispersion.

3. Economical

* Concentrated formula performs at 1000 to 1 dilution.
One Bottle works for many purposes.

4. Easy to Use

* Mixes easily in hard or soft water

5. Long Shelf-Life

* No special handling precautions
Stores well in non-temperature controlled conditions

6. Most importantly – it’s Safe

*Safe to use on both indoor and outdoor plants.

*Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable.

For application and testimonies click the link below

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