Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer


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Farm Care Supplement – Super Gro in 5Litres Gallon
Our Bountiful Giveaways in 2020!

Our team’s 2020 promo are listed below;
• Purchase 2Gallons of Super Gro at N40,680:00; you’ll get a FREE gallon of Super 10

• Purchase 5Gallons of Super Gro at N101,700:00; you’ll get a FREE cup of our Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates plus a cup of Chelated Cal-Mag with Vitamin D3

• Purchase 10Gallons of Super Gro at N203,400:00; you’ll get a FREE pack of our Pro Vitality+ and a bottle of our Aloe Vera Plus herbal drink

• Purchase 50Gallons of our Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer at N1,017,000:00; you’ll get a FREE pack of our Phyto-Defense plus a cup of our Multi-Fibre Blend and also a FULL pack of our Aloe Vera Plus – 6Bottles in a pack (offer lasts till March 2020) and also WIN our Customer Loyalty Promo Gifts

Shipment and Delivery is absolutely FREE to ANY destination within Nigeria
(Terms and Conditions apply)

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