5pc Presser Foot Set For Industrial Sewing Machine


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  • 5 set of presser foot
  • S518NS invisible zipper foot
  • P36N zipper foot
  • P36LN zipper foot
  • P363 Narrow foot and 24983 straight stitch foot

A set of industrial sewing machine presser foot set containing 5 number presser foot namely: S518NS, P36N, P36LN, P363 and 24983 straight stitch foot.
The Invisible zipper foot S518NS with narrow grooves suitable for all industrial lockstitch sewing machine. The presser foot is fitted with two narrow funnels that allows you to fix your invisible zip correctly. The foot is easy to mount and use.Instructions: Step 1: Remove the existing presser foot on the machine and mount the invisible presser foot. Step 2: There are two grooves under the foot which are divided into left and right. Align the left side zipper teeth with the left groove and ensure it sits very well before sewingStep 3: Repeat step two for the right zipper teeth. The P36N and P36LN are left and right general zipper/piping foot suitable for use on all forms of zipper and piping purposes.
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