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Most adequate for women in childbearing age, women having above 2 children, menopausal women, alcoholics, smokers, cold water/drinks consumers, and everyone who has a bone generally.
-Necessary for the digestion and utilization of calcium.
– Helps in the proper metabolism of calcium (as well as Vitamin C phosphorus, sodium, potassium).
-Helps prevent calcium deposits, kidney, and gallstones.
– Aids in fighting depression.
– Promotes a healthier cardiovascular system and helps in the prevention of heart attacks.
-Keeps teeth healthier.
-Magnesium is very alkaline, hence acts as a natural antacid.
-Relieves one from indigestion and heartburn.
-Important in converting blood sugar into energy.
-Known as an anti-stress mineral. Alcoholics are usually very deficient.
-Magnesium makes a hormone that controls all the involuntary muscles like the heart.
-Heartbeat: Helps with breathing rate e.g. Crib deaths; largest killer of babies, due to deficiency of magnesium.
-Expecting mothers should take magnesium
– Supports reflex (involuntary muscles) i.e. eye-blink, reflexes, and reflex control.
– Deficiency of calcium usually manifests itself in the way of prostate troubles, polio, depression, neurotransmitter disorders, nervousness, temper tantrums, noise sensitivity, diarrhea & vomiting.
-Anyone most especially women suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism or any bone issue at all should get this.

Specification: Neolife Chelated Cal-Mag (90 Tablets)

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