Neo Life Stomach Ulcer Supplements


The supplements contain:

Neolife Tre En En

Neolife Flavonoid

Neolife zinc

Neolife Aloe Vera

They work together to treat stomach ulcer. Acts as a digestive, against radiation from x-ray or radio therapy, hypertension, anxieties. Headache, insomnia, reduces tartaro the teeth.. It’s pain killing, calming and healing.. combats indigestion and heartburn. Helps in immune boosting. Good for dyspepsia aliment.. Anti-inflammatory in general, colitis, diverticulosis, stomatitis, regenerates intestinal flora, helps the intestine in the morning fasting.. Inflammation of vocal cords, reflux esophagitis, acetone, gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids. Has good healing and antiseptic properties. Aleo Vera plus should be refrigerated.

Specification: Neo Life Stomach Ulcer Supplements

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