Things you need to do if your phone is hanging

Many things can cause your phone to freeze or hang for some seconds or even minutes before it goes back to functioning normal.

Run Few Apps

There is no point installing a lot of applications on your phone. Especially when you’re not using most of them. Any app you install takes up some space on your phone. Sometimes these apps run in the background that is, even when you’re not using the app, they can still be functional.

Free Up Your Internal Memory

If you have a phone that hangs, leave a minimum of 1GB free space on your internal memory. What this means is that, you should clear up your internal memory space, leaving nothing less than 1GB of space.

Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus applications don’t only protect your phone from malicious threats, both also helps in cleaning it of unnecessary data that a user literally, cannot clean. Data’s such as Junks, Cache are residual wastes that hide in mobile devices. What an Antivirus app does is to locate such waste, and clear them up. You’ll be surprised at the kind of space your phone will get after such cleansing.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

This is also very important if your phone hangs a lot. Simply uninstall applications that are of no use to you. Remove all of them. There is no point having them on your phone while all they do is take up spaces, generate and consume data.

Clear Your Phone Of Unnecessary Data

Lastly, a phone that hangs too much is a phone that is limited in space. So, except you have enough external memory, it is best to delete those music videos, movies, pictures etc that you know are taking up a lot of space and you really don’t need them.

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